Connecting the Stars: Aspects within Birth Charts

Do you ever feel at odds with yourself? Maybe it's connecting your head to your heart, communicating what you want effectively, or some other personal problem. Maybe you feel destined to do something great, the need to achieve something, or maybe feeling like you're always unlucky. Interestingly, the answers may just lie in your birth [...]

Battle of Astrologies: Sidereal/Vedic vs Western/Tropical

The title of this post probably elicited one of three responses: “Vedic/Sidereal is the TRUE astrology!”; or “Western (aka tropical) astrology is more accurate - Ophiuchus isn’t real!”; or “Wait, what?” Before we go any further, chill. For all my Vedic/Sidereal champions, Western/Tropical enthusiasts, and thoroughly confused newbies, I’m here to settle the battle of [...]

Random Readings: Patty

Our first installment of our mini-series begins with our girl, Patty! Patty was born on 06/11/1989 in Merced, CA, USA at 9:33 PM. Ms. Patty, your chart is below! Astro-Charts Astro-Charts Personal Planets Credit Sun Patty, you're a Gemini Sun! Gemini Suns are masculine, mutable air signs. Gemini Suns are know to be easy-going, which [...]

Ophiuchus: An Astrological Bastard?

Ophiuchus (oh-fee-YOU-cuss) has become one of the greatest astrological disagreements in the last decade, sparking major debates between long-practicing astrologists and budding stargazers alike. Most Zodiac enthusiasts have one of two attitudes regarding this dreaded 13th sign - admirable championship for Ophiuchus or flat-out disgust that someone would even propose the existence of another sign. [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Retrogrades

First, I'd like to thank any and all Mercury Retrogrades for permanently giving retrogrades a big, bad name in the astrology community. There seems to be a TON of misconceptions surrounding retrogrades. What is a retrograde? What does a retrograde signify for me? How does it differ from planet to planet, sign to sign? So [...]

Is it Written in the Stars?

Credit Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we all are trying to find that someone who just gets it, you know? Someone who can look at you across the dinner table and answer your silent, Did you see that?, with a sharp grimace that says, Oh definitely. It’s okay, you can admit it! [...]

Random Readings

When I was in college, I used flashcards to study for my major. Now, I use random people's birthdays to generate charts and practice my astrology. I'd like to expand, experiment, and grow as an astrologer - so, what better way than to test my knowledge by testing myself on stranger's birth charts?This new series [...]

New Year, New (Astrological) Bullshit

Credit Astrologically speaking, 2018 was some bullshit. But in 2019, I assert that we are not just surviving, but thriving. 2018 was about “dissolution,” but 2019 is all about “completion.” If done with mindfulness and right intentions, the loose ends of 2018 will be wrapped up in 2019, leading us into a brand new cycle [...]

An Astrological Breakdown – Literally

Hey, hey, hey, welcome to ASTROLOGICALLY, new online magazine dedicated to all things astrology and Zodiac. Consider us as your tour guide through the stars and all the celestial bullshit (I'm looking at you, Mercury Retrogrades!). But before we get started on everything and anything, it's first really important to breakdown the major, overarching concepts. [...]

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